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Terms and Conditions
Contract Geophysicist


Proprietary client data and documents will not be disclosed or otherwise communicated to any third party, unless required by law or court order. CWSX is not obligated to return or keep client information upon completion of consulting services, except reports and invoices prepared by CWSX in performance of contract duties.


Client acknowledges that CWSX may be engaged from time to time by client's competitors. Knowledge of geologic formations, fields, and trends worldwide are public domain or professional opinion generated by CWSX. Client waives any right to oppose or limit other consulting services or investments CWSX may undertake in respect to knowledge gained while serving Client.


Client acknowledges and agrees that consulting services furnished by CWSX are professional opinions based on available information, which may or may not be accurate, complete, or conclusive.


Client agrees to pay CWSX within 30 days the full amount of each invoice for services and expenses. In the event of dispute or misunderstanding, client agrees to pay CWSX without delay and refer any unresolved dispute to mediation or arbitration at the conclusion of CWSX consulting services.


Client agrees to provide in advance all costs of first class travel, visas, accommodation and per diem allowance for CWSX consultant(s), spouse(s), and dependent child(ren) when engaged for Client's project overseas. Client also agrees to furnish adequate security and local transport for the entire period of overseas activity.


Except as set forth above, either party may terminate CWSX consulting services after giving 30-day notice to the other party. CWSX reserves the right to quit without notice in the event of war, civil unrest, force majeur, or natural disaster, affecting the place of work or the ability of CWSX to perform its duties in a professional manner.

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Additional terms and conditions may apply if the contract is originated by a country representative or contracting agency.

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