Exploration Geophysicist - Seismic Interpreter
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Key Services

Providing geophysical consulting and seismic interpretation services for over 20 years.

2D/3D Project interpretation and prospect generation through structural mapping and seismic attribute analysis.

Velocity and time depth conversions, integrating geologic data to deliver depth contoured structure maps.

Integration of AVO, inversion, and stratigraphic studies to compare seismic signature of existing production.

Software Platforms

Landmark Graphics®
SeisWorks 3D and 2D:
PostStack (ProMax):
ZMap :
OpenWorks, ORACLE
SeisCube and SurfCube:
VoxCube and EarthCube:
PostStack/Pal (Advance):

GeoQuest: GeoFrame, Charisma
SMT - Kingdom

Geophysical seismic interpretation and mapping
3D visualization of data volumes and geologic surfaces
Geophysical data loading and post-stack processing tools
Synthetic seismogram generation
Lithologic modeling, composite log normalization
Gridding and contouring, depth conversion, geological mapping and modeling
Geological log correlation and cross section construction
Geological database project setup, data loading and management
3D interpretation and modeling
3D voxel graphics and visualization
Seismic processing and attribute analysis

Seismic interpretation
Seismic interpretation

Surface grid import, contouring and modeling

Recent Projects

Domestic US

CAEX Services/Pitco - South Texas play
Enterprise, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
Pennzoil, Gulf of Mexico SubSalt
Unocal, Deepwater GOM, Louisiana Shelf
State and Federal Waters Gulf of Mexico
Salt Flank and SubSalt Structures
Amoco, Offshore Texas Shelf
Phillips, Alabama and Tuscaloosa Trend
Williams, Mississippi Smackover Carbonates
Frio-Vicksburg Trend South Texas
Conoco, Deepwater GOM, Garden Banks
Deepwater Channels and Stratigraphic Traps
El Paso Corporation, G&G Software Audit
Kogas, Data Room Report, Deepwater GOM
Phoenix Exploration, Salt Flank PUDs

International Basins

Bonaparte and Vulcan Sub-Basin, Timor Sea
Gulf of Hammamet, Offshore Tunisia
Natuna Basin, Indonesia
Sandakan Basin, Borneo, Malaysia
Pre Caspian, Kazakhstan
Albertine Graben, Uganda
Malacca Straits, Offshore Sumatra
JPDA, Australia Northwest Shelf
Offshore Australia, Gippsland Basin
Balkan Fore Thrust, Platform Carbonates
BASF Wintershall - Sirte Basin, Libya
Marathon - Venezuela
ConocoPhillips - Faregh Field, Libya
Apache - Ivory Coast and Bohai Bay China
Williams - Argentina, Gabon
UT/PeMex - Coastal Mexico
Maersk - Block 16 Angola

Basin Geology and Interpretation Workflows

Global consulting service established in 1996 serving small companies that need technological expertise to handle computerized exploration projects. We can provide complete project management, including system administration and database management, geological and geophysical exploration software and UNIX workstation applications. Expertise in Landmark OpenWorks data loading software and seismic data loading techniques, utilizing both command line and ProMax user interfaces. Intermediate data processing steps, attribute volumes, scaling and sampling.

Consultant is available for international travel on short-term (3 to 6 month) contract interpretation services that begin with computerized structural mapping and modeling of 3D and 2D seismic datasets. Synthetic seismic responses can be generated from lithologic and petrophysical well log data and core data, then tied to seismic responses, identifying sequence stratigraphic boundaries, seismic attribute analysis, anomalous seismic response analysis, hydrocarbon indicators, and variable time-depth relationships.

Once the geological and geophysical databases are tied together, petrophysical characteristics and lithologic boundaries can be inferred from sequence stratigraphy and AVO studies of 3D seismic datasets. Exploration opportunities can be mapped, modeled, and identified as drilling prospects.  Integrated interpretation of horizon structure, detailed fault plane analysis, and seismic attribute characteristics can reduce risk by providing a greater understanding of the structural and stratigraphic nature of hydrocarbon traps.

Member, American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Member, Houston Geological Society

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